Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review: ZhuZhu Puppies

The wee ones were introduced to ZhuZhu Pets via the Kung Zhu line last fall. They fell in love. They each named their ZhuZhu Pet, and they and their friends played with them for hours. The Kung Zhu have moved into our basement, where the wee ones still get them out to play with, setting up the battle arena and giggling like mad once again.

Now we have a new ZhuZhu Pet to introduce to the wee ones. They are ZhuZhu Puppies! While we like dogs, we don't have a dog of our own. The wee ones have asked in the past, and my response was simply, Do you see how Grandma and Grandpa have to go home to take care of Stella whenever they go somewhere and have to leave early and not have as much fun as they'd like? Would you rather have a dog or have fun like we do? Thank goodness they were smart and chose having fun. Ahem.

The ZhuZhu Puppies are adorable, and now Little Miss can pretend she has a dog all her own. They are tiny, just a little larger than the ZhuZhu Pet hamsters, and adorable. They actually look like the different breeds - mostly "real" ones - and primarily the lap dog type. Although some are pink and very girly looking, others are more gender neutral, like the Husky and brown or grey and white puppies.

The puppies, of course, need somewhere to play, and you know they have one. There are two "play yards" where the puppies can go in and out and race around the center circle. And yes, we have discovered that the play yard does attach to the Kung Zhu track, so we've had quite the interesting set going on. Fortunately the Kung Zhu hamsters haven't tried to battle the puppies - yet. I'm sure it's coming though.

The puppies are another really cute addition to the ZhuZhu Pet family that already includes the original hamsters, ZhuZhu Princesses (fairy tale hamsters), ZhuZhu Babies (just what they sound like), and of course Kung Zhu.

They are available at all major retailers, in store and online for around $16 apiece. And fortunately, we've yet to go through a full battery, although given the frequency of play, I'm sure that will change (get it?) soon.

But really, I don't need to tell you about it. Little Miss does just fine with it. In her own words, a review from my five year old - the roving reporter.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was provided by BSM Media with two puppies, an outfit, and a play yard for review purposes. I was provided with no compensation. All opinions expressed are my own, as always.

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