Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Get Your Rock Star On at BlogHer!

I officially head to San Diego for BlogHer tomorrow morning. In fact, my plane will be taking off in ten or so hours. Am I ready? Absolutely not. In fact, instead of packing - like I probably should do soon! - I am just now finalizing my schedule for BlogHer and catching up on things at home before I head out.

Am I panicked? Nope, not in the least. This is my third year attending BlogHer, and it is funny how so many of the things I used to worry about: am I bringing enough clothes, what will I wear, will I find someone to talk to, how does this whole Expo thing work, what is an Expo, OMG what if I don't get into the "good" parties - all that has completely melted away. I know I'm going to have fun. I've simply decided that I will, and I have had fun every single year that I've attended. It's as simple as that.

No one cares what I'm wearing. And if they do, well... I have better things to do with my time than worry about that. I'm dressing in what's comfortable for me, which means resort casual (oh how I love that term). It's polished enough to have conversations with brands, and I'm comfortable enough to walk miles and miles and miles every day I'm in San Diego.

There are 3,000 women. Twitter has been a great way to find people I want to meet up with, and I've yet to run into a situation where I strike up a conversation and am completely rebuffed. People just aren't that icky. I've made awesome friendships every year, and there are so many women that I am so excited to catch up with again this year.

And the parties. Ohhhh the parties. I have to admit that I'm a little saddened by people. I've seen so much whining by so many people over who is invited to what parties and oh pleeeeaasse let me in because no one wants to be left out. Trust me. You won't be. There are so many parties that it's impossible to attend them all, and I know I have much more fun if I find something I enjoy and hang out there rather than racing from place to place to try to fit it all in. They're parties. You may not be invited to them all. I know I'm certainly not, but I have a calendar that's plenty full, and I'm planning to take advantage of it - and the down time. Some of the most fun is hanging out at the hotel with new and old friends just by ourselves where we've found a little corner or outside a party in a hallway. Plus, there are 3,000 women at BlogHer this year. Everyone's gotta share, right? It's alll good.

So ummm please. Please? Pretty pretty please? If you're not on the invite list to the Clever Rock Stars party on Thursday night, don't beg and plead with the people working the door to get in (ummm yes, I'm one of them, and I can't let you in, sorry!). People working the doors of the parties are doing their very best to get everyone in who's supposed to be in the parties as quickly as possible. Don't make it harder for them by putting them in an awkward position - but hey, you wouldn't do that anyway, would you?

My only issue right now is packing. I've already decided that I'm not checking any bags on the way to BlogHer. Yes, I'm that good a packer. Being a management consultant and on the road for three straight years does that to a person. I refuse to take swag just for the sake of taking it. If it isn't something I really want, it isn't coming home with me. My challenge now is deciding whether to just ship things home (less than the cost of baggage each way, I've figured out based on a 45 pound box being shipped to my house - and who needs more than that or even that?) or packing a duffel bag meaning I'll need to check a bag on the way home. But somehow it'll work out, and I'm just not that stressed about it. Which is why I have nine and a half hours before my plane leaves and I've yet to start packing.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go practice my Smurfy dance moves. I've heard there's a dance off at the Clever Rock Stars party, and I have to defend my title after the shocking Type A Conference win by Team Maxi Dress. Packing, schmacking.

Come find me at BlogHer. Tweet me @honestandtruly to find out where I'm at this week!

In the interest of full disclosure, I am receiving compensation from Clever Girls Collective in the form of a partial sponsorship to BlogHer. I was requested to write a post before and after BlogHer, but the topics were up to me. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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