Sunday, July 8, 2012

I Know Someone Who Deserves A Good Call

You know how sometimes you meet someone and go, "Wow.  I can't believe she (or he) does that!"  I did last weekend when I was at Ribfest in Naperville.  I thought I knew most of the bloggers in Chicago, but I'd never met Laura from Mom Mart before that event.

Laura at Ribfest with yummies from the #GrillingIsHappiness chefs

Laura is a local blogger who is (currently) mom to two absolutely adorable boys.  She just moved and is brutally attacking those boxes room by room, far more efficiently than I ever did.  And I didn't have two small boys who wanted my attention while I was trying to unpack.

Not only did Laura just move - the day before she had a huge event to cover - but she moved into the same neighborhood as her mom and mother-in-law.  Personally, I'd be shuddering living that close to that much of my family, but she has a great relationship with both of them and has figured out how to happily balance having them that close and still maintaining control over her family.  If that isn't a skill that needs to be bottled, I don't know what that is.  I think it's awesome that she's going to BlogHer for the first time - with both her parents as a vacation.

On top of that, Laura's a great blogger who has an awesome style - especially the part about cooking and being interested in so many of the same foods that I do.  I love finding people who eat a sandwich and enjoy it, then go home and reconstruct it so they can make it themselves.

Oh, and did I mention that Laura is a hoot?  She's funny and sweet and open and sharing.  And she's busy as all get out.  I'm thinking she deserves a little something special, and I have the opportunity to do something nice for her - maybe.  Beyond just posting that she's a really super sweet awesome person, I am MOMinating (get it?) Laura for the #GoodCall campaign with Collective Bias.

What does that mean?  In exchange for being such an awesome person to hang with, being my lackey holding everything I couldn't carry at one time while I moved things around in my purse or changed lenses on my camera, and taking pictures of me, I'd love to give her something to make her life a little easier - just like she already did for me.

Good Call has an iG1 iPhone Docking Station with Handset that helps those of us who have gotten rid of our landlines enable our bluetooth enabled phones to act more like landline phones of the past.  They have a handset that you can answer - which minimizes small children walking around with phones and losing them (not that this has ever happened to me, nor I imagine will it ever happen to Laura).  It charges your iPhone while you have it sitting in the docking station, and with the iPhone it also still gives you the CallerID I know I can't live without.

Wouldn't that be an awesome pick-me-up for a mom who goes above and beyond for family, friends, and her work?  Send her some good juju and cross your fingers that she is chosen to receive one of the ten that Collective Bias is giving away to members.

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  1. That is so sweet! Thank you for the MOMination and the kind words. I am all about kindred spirits and had a blast and a half at Ribfest with you too! Can't wait for BlogHer12! Thanks again :)


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