Sunday, August 16, 2009

Giveaway: Honey Kix Package!

I was recently asked to review Honey Kix by MyBlogSpark. This was something I hadn't heard of before, but both the wee ones are honey fans, so I agreed.

In the interest of full exclosure, in exchange for my reviewing the product, I was sent: a coupon for a free box of cereal so I can try it, a cute cereal bowl, a really cool honey jar, a cereal and milk to go container, and a storage container.

I received my coupon in the week before I went on vacation. I had meant to take it with me to try the Honey Kix while we were there, but accidentally left it at home. I figured I'd buy it while there anyway, but no dice.

When I returned home and did my grocery shopping yesterday, I looked for it at Caputo's. Nope, not there. Knowing that Caputo's is a specialty grocer, I wasn't shocked. Dominick's? Nope. Wal-Mart? Nope (though this wasn't a Super Wal-Mart). Target? Nope - again not a Super Target.

Today, we tracked it down at Jewel. Yay! This is a new product per the packaging and one I hadn't heard of yet, so the distribution may still be expanding.

In looking at the ingredients, I was pleased by serveral things:

The serving size is 1 1/4 cup. Go check out the cereal you have in your pantry now. 3/4 cup? 1 cup? That's more typical, and I've seen some that are 1/2 cup. 1 1/4 cup is probably more typical, and a reasonable comparison.

Even with the larger serving size, Honey Kix has only 6g sugar. Most cereals -- with a smaller serving size -- have 9 or more grams of sugar. And there is no corn syrup at all, let alone high fructose corn syrup that I really try to avoid. And it has 16g of whole grain per serving.

All in all, this is something that I can feel pretty good about feeding the wee ones. I usually feed them Cheerios with dried coconut mixed in or something similar, so I am happy to add a little variety.

Since it's taken me so long to get the sample itself, I wanted to try it out as quickly as possible. It became our treat after dessert, and both the wee ones were excited. Their thoughts?

Mmmmmmmm, ummmmmm!


It's yum in my tum!

I want to eat this for breakfast tomorrow.

You get the idea.

I tried it out, too, and I have to say that ummm I had to go put it into that storage container they sent me in order to stop snacking on it. It's good and crispy with just a light touch of sweet to it. When the wee ones put the cereal into their cups of milk (we do cereal oddly here, deal) then later offered me a taste, it was still crunchy and not soggy. And for me, cereal that gets soggy quickly is not one that I'll buy again.

Oh, and did I mention that as a General Mills cereal, it's part of the Box Tops program? Every top I clip is another ten cents for our school. This is only an added bonus, but I'll take that bonus!

Phew - I liked it. And I'm ok with my wee ones eating it. And lucky for one of you, I have another package to give away with the cereal coupon and the storage goodies!

I'll give you a few ways to enter:

1) Mandatory entry With the school year approaching and me needing to not only get Little Miss on the bus and Mister Man driven to school, but also pack a lunch for Mister Man, I'm getting worried about fitting it all in. Tell me how you simplify your morning routine.
2) (After the mandatory) Follow this blog (one additional entry) - Leave a separate comment, and yes, I will verify.
3) (After the mandatory) Comment on my "regular" blog Honest and Truly! (one additional entry) - Leave a separate comment here telling me where you commented.

This contest will run until Friday August 21 at 10pm CDT. I will use to select a winner based on the comments that meet the criteria listed above. The winner must include a method of contact. The winner will have 48 hours to respond once I send a notice or another winner will be chosen via

Good luck!


  1. ok yum! I love the fact that there is NO hfcs or corn syrup. I like the sweet little set up they sent you! I'll twitter this for you too. For easy get up and go we pick out clothes the night before and I get up early before kids and get showered and dressed. I am homeschooling until our Waldorf Charter opens so life is laid back for us. BUT 2 boys go to school tomorrow 1 to HighSchool 1 to an enrichment school for home schoolers...

  2. followed before I even saw that it was an entry!

  3. Okay, count me in. Simplifying the morning routine, hmm...... I make sure I wake up before they do and have my coffee so that I am ready to take on the day before they wake. I also run the morning like a drill sergeant, spouting instructions while making the lunches and keeping breakfast simple with cereal or instant oatmeal. The clock is the boss in the morning.

  4. I most recently left a comment on Men Are From Mars.

  5. Simplifying the morning routine: It happened automatically, because I have teens now. :) But I guess one thing that speeds them up is having them make their lunch the night before. That simplifies THEIR morning routine. :)

  6. And me too: I left a comment on Men are from Mars. Go me!

  7. In the morning it's best if you don't need to spend a lot of time packing a lunch, so on the weekend we make sandwiches for the week and freeze them (they thaw fine as the day goes) and make individual snack portions of sides, so all you do is grab each item and throw it in the bag.

  8. This would be a hit in my house. Thanks for the review, Michelle. Count me in!

  9. Sounds DELISH! (I like Kix, but I've always thought that their slogan "Kid Tested, Mother Approved" left me questioning what the kids thought!!) :)

    As far as simplifying the routine... I have nothing original to offer. If I'm feeling really prepared, I make JAM's lunch the night before, but he doesn't like refrigerated PB&J's so that usually doesn't work well. I mostly just do the same things in the same order every morning, and literally I look like a machine in the kitchen getting breakfast and lunch items out of the fridge, assembly line prep counter, you get the picture. I do think that JAM's going to be pulling some more of his own weight with the prep this year, and that should help. :)

  10. I'm a-following you, baby! (That sounds a lot creepier than it should...)

  11. And, I ranted along with you on the PSA about the Do Not Call List over on H&T!

  12. Okies, well I just commented on your PSA post.

  13. I also follow your blog and have for quite some time!

  14. To speed up my morning routine, I avoid exercising. :)

  15. Off to comment on the telemarketer post :)

  16. to simplify our mornings, we pack lunches the night before and lay out clothes for the next day.
    i've been a follower of your blog for a while now.
    hope i win your giveaway!

  17. I can't even remember how I got to your blog (the regular one first, then to here - well, that part I remember at least), but those do sound yum - and maybe, just maybe, my kids will stop asking to put sugar on top like they do with the regular Kix.

    I'm sending 4 off to school this year. We simplify the mornings by doing EVERYTHING, everything that we possibly can the night before and have a laminated chart with checkmarks to make sure that it's all done before we go to bed.

  18. I'm now following you. Can you see me?

  19. Commented on your back to school post.


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