Thursday, December 17, 2009

Review: POM Wonderful

In the interest of full disclosure, POM Wonderful sent me a case of eight mini bottles of pomegranate juice. I was not compensated in any other way, and all opinions expressed are my own.

I know that there are certain juices that tend to be better for you than others. Pomegranate juice is one of those. Each eight ounce bottle of the POM Wonderful has tons of antioxidants and other nutrients that we don't often get enough of in this day and age.

POM Wonderful's juice is made with no added sugars, preservatives (keep it in the fridge!), colors, or filler juices. That always makes me feel good, although looking at the nutritional info, the natural sugar occuring in the juice is at a higher level than I like to ingest -- which explains the high calorie count per bottle. This isn't a diet drink, but it's awfuly good!

I am impressed by the care they take in making the juice. We're very careful about the foods we put into our bodies in our house, and we pretty much avoid fake foods wherever we can. We aren't completely organic or even close, but POM grows their own fruit, picks it by hand, and squeezes it in their own presses. That makes me feel much better about drinking it.

I tried the POM Juice first by itself. It's a powerful taste that makes your lips pucker a little bit - truly no added sugar. I actually liked it that way though. The wee ones weren't quite so sure, although Little Miss seemed to like it more as she drank a bit more of it. My mom, on the other hand, never finished her drink. It was just too bitter and tart for her. I happily helped her.

Then I got creative.

I realized that the POM Juice would make for a great mixer. I had a party at my house recently, and I saved a couple bottles of my POM Juice to make Tall Redheads. Tell me the name alone doesn't make it worth the drink?

The Tall Redhead is Pom Juice, vodka, and 7Up. (It's a 3/3/8 ratio, if I remember right.) This drink was the hit of the night. Everyone loved it, and I think we had quite a few converts to pomegranate juice.

Ironically, one other friend brought something other than wine to drink. Her mixed drink also involved POM Juice. Ironic, no? It just goes to show you how popular it's getting now. She had a champagne cocktail that was also out of this world. Drop a sugar cube into the bottom of a champagne glass, add champagne, then top with the POM Juice and a scoop of pomegranate seeds.

When I was looking for my cocktail recipe, I was expecting that I would find mostly drink recipes for POM Juice. I was wrong. On the POM website, there is an entire section of recipes devoted to pomegranate juice and other products they make.

Does pomegranate syrup intrigue you? How about POM gelato? A POM buerre for your poached fish? I unfortunately finished off my eight bottles of POM Juice before I realized the wealth of opportunities out there.

Granted, this is probably not a juice that I will buy every day. However, the next time I'm having a fun or fancy party, I'm absolutely making more POM cocktails. And I might have to go check out a few more of those recipes!

Yum! And the best news? It's easy to find. I checked out the various grocery stores by me, and they all carried it. Even Costco had POM Juice. Give it a try!

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  1. Yum! I LOVE this juice. I use it in Cosmopolitans (instead of cranberry juice) and I mix it with Meyer lemon and Pellegrino for "mocktails." Yum. And of course it's awesome all by itself! I don't drink a lot of juice straight up, as it is just too much sugar for me, but I love pom juice.


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