Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Outlast Party

In the interest of full disclosure, MomSelect sent me a Mommy Party pack that included supplies for the party to give to the ten friends who attended. I received no compensation of any kind.

We love playdates around here, although we don't always do them as often as we'd like - that whole being busy with life thing! When we get small children together, however, it's amazing the germs they spread around. It's hard enough to stay healthy - for me and for them - without all the sneezing coughing little buddies of theirs trying to spread whatever icks they have.

Outlast has a solution to try to keep those germs at bay. Outlast is a liquid hand sanitizer that lasts up to six hours. Most hand sanitizers work for only two minutes. So if my wee ones doesn't get a chance to wash their hands when I'm not with them, I know they're still not picking up any more germs.

We had a playdate in the park - and you can only imagine all the germs from the unwashed equipment that gets used constantly by child after child. Mister Man and Little Miss had a blast hanging out with their friends, and the mommies enjoyed a chance to chat and learn some more about Outlast.

The kit also included Baloon-A-Choo, which was a balloon that demonstrated how germs spread whenever someone sneezes. I think this was the hit of the party. I had to finally beg off from doing it again because I was getting lightheaded. I placed glitter into the balloon, then blew it up and let it go. The glitter went everywhere - just like germs do when we sneeze.

I explained it to the kids, and I think they got it. Then the balloon went flying, and they were absolutely fascinated. Watching them chase after the balloon and try to figure out where the glitter landed cracked me up.

I blew up this balloon over and over, and they never tired of it. They loved seeing the impact of sneezing. And the moms ... well, we were sort of grossed out, to be honest. Let's just say that those samples of Outlast were all used before we ate our snack!

I unfortunately didn't take as many pictures as I'd planned. We were having so much fun that I was too busy to take out my camera half the time!

I did finally remember to take my camera out again when we were working on the sticker activity. This was a great wind down thing to do for the kids once they grew tired o running around and playing in the heat.

The sticker sheet was a neat little activity that had a laboratory that the kids could decorate with scientists, lab equipment, computers, and all sorts of other stuff. Needless to say, they rather enjoyed it!

We had a great playdate with this wonderful excuse to get together with Outlast's Mommy Party. We had no idea how quickly most hand sanitizers disappear and stop working. I'm pretty sure there are a few moms who will be using a different sort of protection going forward when soap and water aren't available.

Want to learn more about Outlast? Check it out here.

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