Thursday, November 11, 2010

Giveaway: InchBug Orbit Labels

I have a problem in my house (ok more than one, but just one I'm talking about at the moment). Now that the wee ones are getting bigger, they go out of the house by themselves for things like school. And when they go places, they frequently need to bring things with them.

When they have school, for example, they need to bring their lunchboxes and snackboxes, complete with their reusable containers. When Mister Man goes camping with Boy Scouts, he needs to bring a flashlight. Silly Mommy, I like it when these things come home again. And trust me, it doesn't always happen. I've gone searching the school twice already this year to find the mysterious missing lunchbox. Fortunately, I've found it both times.

InchBug has a solution not just for the wee ones but for moms who have bottles for their infants and sippy cups for their toddlers, among others. It's hard to remember which belongs to whom sometimes, since so many of us have the exact same one. And after Little Miss has been home with pneumonia for two weeks, I don't want to spread around any germies!

InchBug has BumpyName Orbit Labels that go on your containers. They are a non-adhesive band that simply encircles your container like a pony tailer. Since it has your child's name stamped into the label, you don't have to worry about ink washing off (which is part of our lunchbox problem). Like pony tailers, they expand to fit snugly on a variety of sizes and shapes of containers.

I received my four pack of reusable labels - just in case I need to use more than one at a time or someone (not me) loses one along the way. I was able to choose my own color of the non-toxic labels, and I ended up with the light blue color. I would have liked to see more truly "boy" colors (deep blue, red, bright yellow, etc), as most were softer and had a more feminine feel to them. With Mister Man always having a target on his back already and not picking up on social nuances like color choice, I try to do it for him.

When they arrived, I was happy to see that they fit easily not only on Mister Man's water bottle that he brings to school daily, but also on my monstrously large 40 ounce water bottle, although the labels claim to only fit bottles up to about 30 ounces.

At the same time, they fit far narrower items. When Mister Man goes on his Boy Scout camping trip this weekend, there will be a BumpyOrbit band on his flashlight - and my husband's - with fingers crossed they come home again.

If I spent more time at the gym again (ahem - bad me), this would be great for all the toiletries that I have a bad habit of leaving on the counter. Tell me I'm not the only one who walks away with her mind on completely random things and not what I should be focusing on.

These labels are perfect for new moms, too. They definitely have other things to focus on. With these being non toxic, boil-able, and dishwasher safe, they are great for baby bottles and other small items that are too easily lost or left behind. The non-toxic nature helps put their minds at ease that the BumpyName Orbit Labels aren't introducing anything nasty into their precious new babies' systems.

Actually, now that I think about it, I have a baby shower for a dear friend of mine this Sunday and this would make a perfect gift for her. I may have to get inspired and order some ... or maybe I'll wait until her babies are born and we know their names. After all, Thing 1 and Thing 2 might be hard to explain!

Are you ready for your own labels now? You can order them online for $12.95 for a one line custom label or $13.95 for a two line custom label. There are also preprinted labels for $8.95 - and both the wee ones' names are included. There is a huge list there, although the color choices are limited.

You could also win your own two line custom Orbit Label with free shipping here. How could you not want your very own? So what do you have to do?

First of all, let me stress that you must follow all the rules. If you do not follow the rules, your entry will not count!

This contest is open until Thursday November 25 at 7pm CST. I must have a valid way to reach you, so leave me your email address in your comment or be sure your profile has your email address visible. No duplicate comments will count. This giveaway is open to US residents age 18 and older. Winners will be selected via and must respond within 48 hours of being notified by me or I will select a new winner.

Mandatory Entry: What do you most need to use the Orbit labels for? All entrants must also like InchBug on Facebook to be eligible to win, per InchBug.

Bonus Entries (leave a comment for each entry - if you put it all in one comment, I'll count it as one entry):

1) Earn one additional entry for following me on Twitter and tweeting this contest with the following tweet: "Want to be sure your child's drink container is really his? @inchbug is giving away a 4pack of labels via @honestandtruly" (leave a link to your tweet as your comment and make sure you do all the steps!)
2) Earn one additional entry by following this review blog publicly via Google Friend Connect.
3) Earn one additional entry by following my “regular” blog Honest & Truly! publicly via Google Friend Connect.

Good luck!

In the interest of full disclosure, I received a sample package of Orbit Labels for review purposes from InchBug. I did not receive any compensation, and all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I need these to label my kids cups, so I wouldn't have to keep buying 4 different colored cups! They each like to have their own, but then they fight over the colors. This would totally resolve that issue!

    I like inchbug on facebook
    Niecey Docherty

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  4. I follow your regular blog via google friend connect - Niecey


  5. SIPPY CUPS & water bottles! Liked on FB!

  6. Following you on Twitter tweeted giveaway:!/TheAmyAnderson/status/7327411708366848


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