Friday, April 27, 2012

Clever Girls: COOL WHIP Moms

I probably shouldn't admit how much of a part food plays in my life.  When I make plans with my family, it always revolves around food.  When I need to commiserate with someone, we meet for breakfast.  When someone has a baby or they're going through a difficult time, I bring them food to comfort them.

Food is comfort, and sometimes it's something I want to make special.  We have a couple family traditions that always incorporate COOL WHIP Whipped Topping.  The first is the Marguerite salad, a recipe I posted about last week.  It's a marshmallow salad, probably similar to that which many of us grew up eating, that my grandmother "invented" and always brought to family gatherings.  Even now, no family gathering is complete without a Marguerite Salad.  There are even debates in my family as to whether it's allowed to put cherries on top of the salad or whether that is sacrilege.  We're serious about our food.

This past week, I had a friend who recently had a baby, and I was in charge of bringing her a side dish and dessert.  While this was a school night when I'm running around everywhere, I still wanted to make something special for her.  That said, it needed to be an everyday dessert I could put together with a minimum of fuss.  After wracking my brains, I came up with the ideal solution.  I decided to make a berry cherry crisp for her - something that takes bare minutes to cook so is great for weeknights when I want to create a treat.  And even better?  I topped it with a dollop of COOL WHIP, because it's the little things that make all the difference and give it that little extra something special.

This is that recipe that Little Miss made.  By herself.  It's that easy - and that's what I needed Monday afternoon (because it's possible I'd forgotten to look at my calendar and had neglected to prepare ahead of time).  And yet I got a call from my friend thanking me for the dessert because it was so awesome and unique.  She loved it, and she especially loved that I thought to add the COOL WHIP to make it just a little bit more rich and decadent.  And yes, dessert has been that simple at our house before, too.  Just a little fruit and some COOL WHIP.  Yum.

What are your favorite everyday desserts?

The rest of that container of COOL WHIP?  Yeah, I saved it for myself.  I just might have bought a container of strawberries and used the COOL WHIP as a perfect fruit dip - just for me.  I didn't share.  Shhh, don't tell the wee ones!  I did share some of the extra berry cherry crisp with them, however.

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