Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Review: Cheryl's Cookies

Can you believe that Easter is coming up already? And soon after that, spring will truly be here, and then school will be out. I already have a lot of gifts I need to plan - and of course all of them are for people who don't really "need" anything, the family I'm visiting, end of year teacher gifts, and the like. For those occasions, I really love giving food or wine because it's something that truly is just for the recipient and something that they frequently wouldn't buy for themselves.

Have you ever sent Cheryl's Cookies for an occasion like this? I was first introduced to Cheryl's over a year ago when I visited their factory and got to sample some first hand. When I told a friend about the treats I'd had, she was enormously jealous, as she is from Columbus, OH where Cheryl's was founded and is very well known - for good reason!

Cheryl's makes all sorts of delicious baked goods from beautifully decorated cookies to decadent brownies and more. Each item comes individually wrapped, so it stays perfectly fresh, and flavors don't mix when you have multiple types together.

As part of my Easter greetings, I received a Cheryl's Classic Gift Bundle, which includes three boxes, each filled with mini-goodies. One box contains chocolate pretzel clusters and confection pretzel clusters. The next contains an assortment of chocolate chip triple chocolate buttercream frosted cookies, while the last contains Cheryl's famous original buttercream frosting cookies and oatmeal raisin mini-cookies. My tummy says thank you!

I love how the package looks not just professionally put together but so elegant, too. It's something that I love to receive, and I feel good about sending it, too. Each box has a fun and unique design, and you can bet that I save those to use for gift boxes later! Opening each one to discover what's inside is a fun treat, too.

And of course, they taste as good as they look. They are made with "real" ingredients - butter, sugar, eggs, cocoa, honey, cinnamon, and the like. For someone who cares about what she's putting in her body (me), this is the kind of special treat I like to indulge in. And the cookies are always so soft and chewy, much more so than when I make them at home! I had never had the pretzel clusters before, but I really like them. It's a good chocolate with little bites of pretzel inside for a nice crunch. They're less salty than I'd expected them to be, and the pretzel pieces were smaller, but it worked, and everyone in the house who's tried them has asked for more.

A gift of Cheryl's is one of those things that makes a perfect pick-me-up, in my opinion. Cheryl's also offers a $5 Cookie Greeting, which is a buttercream decorated cookie in an adorable little box that is shipped to a recipient for $5. Did I forget to mention that $5 Reward Card toward another purchase that's included with the cookie? How much fun is this to send instead of a greeting card when you want to do something extra special for someone? I love this idea as a little thank you gift for someone who's gone above and beyond or just had a really tough time. Who wouldn't smile at receiving it?

Do you want to try some of Cheryl's deliciousness all for yourself? Right now, Cheryl's is offering a "try me" package ere you can get 6 cookies for free (just pay tax and shipping and handling). You also get a $10 Reward Card to use towards your next Cheryl's order - and c'mon, you know there's going to be a next one, right?

In the interest of full disclosure, I received a sample box from Cheryl's Cookies as described above for review purposes only. I was not compensated for this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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