Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Glad Feeds My Family During BlogHer

I'm headed out to BlogHer in New York, and I have to admit, my expectations for what happens at home while I'm gone always sinks. And not by just a little.  The math pages the wee ones are supposed to do I know won't be looked at.  There will be clothes strewn about the house, both dirty and clean somehow.  And who knows what my husband will be feeding them, but I always come home to plenty of restaurant charges on my credit card.

This time around, I am doing my best to counteract this just a little bit.  I got sneaky and prepared food for everyone.  I stocked up on the lunchmeat.  I made more zucchini bread than any family should have in the house at one time.  And Glad sent me the fixings for some chicken enchiladas.

I'm not going to say that my husband is lazy, but if the food isn't prepped for him, the likelihood that it gets used isn't that great.  In fact, I can almost guarantee that the two mangos that were just about ripe when I leave will be still sitting in the fruit bowl, just more ripe.  Rather than rely on my husband to put everything together for the enchiladas, I did it for him.  I didn't just buy the rotisserie chicken; I removed the meat from the carcass and cut it up for him.  I put all the ingredients he'll need into a pile on the kitchen counter with the recipe stacked nearby - the corn tortillas, peppers, and enchilada sauce provided by MomSelect and Glad, as well as the onion and spices I'm providing.  The cut up chicken went into a Glad Ware container that will keep the meat fresh until he is ready to use it, with the cheese and salsa sitting right next to it in the fridge, so my husband can't possibly miss it, right?

Lay out the ingredients so my husband can't forget to make chicken enchiladas

Ok, this is my husband.  He may miss it, and there might be a phone call coming my way.  That said, I feel a whole lot better that I've got some meals prepped for him.  Even if they don't do their homework or keep the house clean, there's a chance that they're eating the way I would want them to.  

And once he's cooked the meal and there are leftovers - and in our house, it seems like there are always leftovers - he'll have the storage containers to put them in, as Glad included 2 large containers for us that go from fridge to freezer.  My personal favorite part is that the containers now resist cracking when you have them in the freezer and they - oh, I don't know - fall out.  I have more than one storage container I've lost that way.

But the Glad Ware containers have gotten better. Know what's really cool now? They're BPA free. I can feel more confident storing my leftovers in these containers without worrying that BPA will be leaching into their foods. I'm still not going to microwave anything in plastic, but the storage issue goes away.

Oh. And did I mention that Glad is a Labels for Education partner? Yep, that code gets cut out and returned to school, and that's another five points towards something on a teacher wish list!

So what do you do to try to keep your family healthy when you aren't around?

In the interest of full disclosure, I was sent a 2 pack of large Glad Freezer Ware containers, along with some of the ingredients to make chicken enchiladas while I was attending BlogHer.  I was not compensated, but I have been entered to win a gift card.  As always, all opinions expressed remain my own.

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