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Rivet and Sway Review

I've worn glasses off and on since I was in the fifth grade.  Thanks to Rivet and Sway, I'm wearing them all the time now.  But before now?  Yep, off and on.  I had glasses for awhile because I thought they were cool - nifty cotton candy pink ones, if I recall correctly.  Then I didn't wear them for awhile, and eventually I got contacts around high school.

I'd wear them sometimes but not all the time because I'm that odd person who has one near sighted eye and one far sighted eye.  It sort of balances out, so I can get away with not wearing them.  Periodically, I'll get a new prescription and glasses, but I think the last time I did was almost three years ago.  Remember when I wrote about losing my sunglasses not too long after getting them and miraculously finding them a year and a half later?  Yeah.

When I was offered the chance to be a Rivet and Sway Original at BlogHer and get some new, fashionable glasses, I was all over it.  Rivet and Sway is different from my local optometrist in that the glasses are mail order.  Yikes, right?  How do you know if you're even going to like them?  And at $199, you'd better like the glasses you're getting.  Rivet and Sway has figured out the answers to all this.

First, you can order try on kits with blank lenses so you can try on up to three different eyeglasses at a time at home for free.  With the oh so awesome tool on the website that helps you select the right lenses for your face - including both your face shape and whether you need narrow or wide frames for your head - you've got a pretty good shot at success right there.

I ordered my three frames, and they arrived two days later via FedEx.  I loved not having to wait a long time.  Rivet and Sway estimates that the whole process takes 13 days from start to finish if you order your glasses the third day you have your try on pairs, and that's not bad!  I loved the packaging the frames arrived in, and I appreciated knowing that any glasses I ordered would arrive safe and sound.

Everything Rivet and Sway has a personal touch to it

I have to admit the glasses were a lot nicer than the ones I had to choose from the last time I bought glasses.  The Je Ne Sais Quoi lenses were unfortunately not a good fit for my head, but I took the other two pairs on the rounds with my friends to get their opinions.  What do you think?

My three Rivet and Sway pairs - which do you like best?

I will be honest that I liked the middle pair's shape the best.  The little flair up from the middle was great, but the color wasn't quite right.  While most glasses - including the Tusk- offer multiple frame colors, the black and white or galapagos green weren't really a good fit for me personally.  The blue and grey of the "ripcurl" colored The Little Voice glasses - the photo on the right - ultimately won out.

Once I had my glasses chosen, I simply peeled off the preprinted postage paid return sticker and resealed the box the glasses arrived in - a matter of merely pulling off the top of a sticky - and stuck them in my mailbox.  I typed in the information from my new prescription, something this review opportunity inspired me to do, and waited for my glasses to arrive.  I was lucky that my optometrist gave me a very clearly written prescription that had everything I needed.  If I needed help, I could have either scanned my prescription for Rivet and Sway or had them contact my optometrist directly.  Can you say convenient?

The only downside is that some frames only accept prescriptions up to a certain level.  If you have a stronger prescription, make sure the glasses you order will work with your prescription - fortunately not an issue for me.  At this point, Rivet and Sway doesn't offer progressive or bifocal lenses, either, which is somewhat limiting.  The other thing I'd love to see offered that they don't currently provide is prescription sunglasses.  I have very sensitive eyes and cannot go outside even on a cloudy day without them.

As for my specific experience, the glasses arrived in the same style of very cute cardboard box used for the try on pairs.  Inside was also a little bag to keep my glasses safe and unscratched, which I appreciate.  When I tried on my glasses, even just the little change in my prescription was apparent.  I loved the glasses.  And so has everyone else.  I've gotten more compliments on my new glasses than I ever dreamed I would, from the friends who knew they were new to the owner of the tae kwon do dojo where Mister Man goes.

My Rivet and Sway glasses rock

The glasses are a high quality, which I would expect for $199 (including shipping and lenses).  They are polycarbonate lenses, with scratch resistant and glare free 100% UV protection coatings.  That results in thin and lightweight lenses, making them easier to wear.

I have had my glasses adjusted slightly, which is something my local optometrist can easily do (you can see them sliding down my nose a bit in the picture above).  They fit beautifully, and I love them.  Even if that weren't the case, all is not lost.  Rivet and Sway will allow you to return your glasses or any reason in the first 60 days and either credit your card or send you a new pair.  How can you possibly lose?

I can make it a little more tempting for you, actually.  I have a code that will give you 20% off a pair of Rivet and Sway glasses.  Note that the code expires on August 26, 2012, so get your act in gear.  You can order your try on pairs now and get your prescription together at a later date, as you need that only to order your final pair.

Discount code for 20% off Rivet and Sway: CWHOUB017D894C

C'mon, you know you need new glasses right?  Did you know your prescription expires after two years?  And that it's recommended that you get your eyes tested every year?  Which pair(s) would you choose?

In the interest of full disclosure, I received a pair of Rivet and Sway glasses for review purposes.  I was not compensated as part of this campaign.  As always, all opinions expressed remain my own.

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