Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2Toots: A Restaurant I Can Feel Good About Enjoying

I wrote a few weeks ago about Mister Man and I eating at 2Toots Train Whistle Cafe in Bartlett.  He keeps asking me when we get to go back.  And we'll be back soon because it's somewhere that I can feel good about eating.  Yes, it's hamburgers and other diner food, but it isn't pull out the overly processed frozen food from the back and who knows what's in it, and that's why I like it.

Basket with burger and fries at the 2Toots train whistle cafe in bartlett

The beef in the hamburgers is Bill Kurtis's Tall Grass Beef, which is 100% grass fed, 100% prairie raised beef that is given no hormones.  Not only do I feel better about that, but there are nutrition benefits from this beef, too.  There is up to 1.5 times more protein in the leaner grass fed beef, and it has more Vitamin E, omega 3s, and CLAs - all of which help our bodies work properly.  The hot dogs are also from Bill Kurtis's farm and are preservative and gluten free and have no added nitrites or nitrates - something we try to avoid in our house.  They even offer gluten free buns now, making life easier for those with dietary restrictions.  And if that isn't enough, if you have further dietary issues, you are welcome to bring in your own food without being saddled with fees for it.  Provided it fits, they'll even deliver your outside food on their train, just like all the other food.

So no, this isn't something we're going to eat every day, but when we eat out, I love that we have an option with a restaurant that holds itself to the same standards I do in our house.  Even the milk is Horizon's organic milk in both chocolate and vanilla.  I still smile when I think about Mister Man not wanting to get the chocolate milk because his experience with restaurant chocolate milk is that it's too sweet and tastes funny.  I barely managed to convince him to try the chocolate milk at 2Toots, but when he did, he loved it.

Sign to remind you to sign up for the 2Toots Train Whistle Cafe birthday club

We signed ourselves (ok, Mister Man and Little Miss) up for the birthday club, which means that we'll get a card in the mail before their birthdays for a free kids meal and cupcake.  With Mister Man's birthday only a little more than a week away, I know he's anxious to go back... since I hear him ask me about it almost every day.  I love restaurants that help me celebrate with my child.

The cupcakes come with train whistles atop them.  I've been to other restaurants that have the same type of whistle.  I learned the hard way.  My rule: in the restaurant, you may blow it once and once only.  Outside the restaurant you may play with it until we get to the car, at which point it is mine, and no you may not have it back.  It's a shame that it's a waste.  At 2Toots, it gets better because apparently I'm not the only parent thinking this way.  You can save up those whistles and trade them in for other prizes.  I love it!

List of items you can exchange whistles for at 2Toots cafe

The whole feel of the restaurant is one where they are parents who've been there with their kids.  More proof of that?  They have a fundraising program for schools where 10% of profits go back to the school during a special event you can sign up for.  We do dine and share events (as we call them) at our school periodically, and it's always fun to try somewhere new and eat with friends and family.

The restaurant is all about fun, and I applaud 2Toots Train Whistle Cafe for that.  The seating at the tracks keeps the kids occupied, although I will admit that next time I will choose a seat that doesn't have a television near it as we didn't need that distraction.  There is an old-fashioned ride on horse for a quarter if the train tracks and food isn't enough, but the food came quickly and it was delicious - and filling.

No wonder Mister Man keeps asking when we get to go back!

In the interest of full disclosure, I received a gift card from 2Toots for participating in this campaign.  That said, all opinions remain my own.

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