Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Don't Get Your Undies In A Twist!

My husband is picky about his underwear.  Most of the time.  We joke about it because I feel like he goes through it like water, and he can't figure out how I get mine to last as long as I do.  When I told him he had a chance to upgrade his drawers with MaLo Underwear, he agreed readily - as long as I promised not to photograph him wearing it.  The man has his pride.

Why was he so happy right now?  Unfortunately, his underwear drawer was starting to look a little sparse.  He's a fan of boxer briefs, and apparently the elastic has given out on the majority of what he had owned.
#MaLoUnderwear to the rescue of a nearly empty drawer

He was down to a few of his "oldie but goodies" - which is part of where our teasing comes in.  There are three pairs of underwear that he's owned since I've known him (or at least, it feels like he has) that just never seem to give up the ghost, so they stick around.  They've been relegated to "backup" status when I haven't been as on top of laundry as I need to be, but he still has them.  And I hate them.  They are the old fashioned boxers, and they are cotton, but not the soft cotton.  There's no stretch or give to them.  And... they're ugly.

The boxers #MaLoUnderwear will be replacing

When the MaLo underwear arrived, I was slightly entertained by the package.  Instead of the usual shrink-wrapped plastic, they came in a resealable bag like they had to be kept fresh.  I thought it was clever.  The image of David on the front of the package wearing the underwear didn't hurt either!
Recloseable seal on #MaLoUnderwear

My husband was happy when his new underwear arrived, too.  Men's fashion isn't really his thing. He likes to keep things fairly conservative.  While MaLo comes in all sorts of fun patterns, the package we were sent was perfect for him with black and grey unpatterned boxer briefs.

Husband holding up 3 pairs of #MaLoUnderwear boxer briefs

Wearing them took a little getting used to.  The legs of these boxer briefs are much shorter than the pairs I had been buying him previously.  While they weren't too short, they were noticeably different from what he normally wore, so he had a tendency to want to adjust himself to ensure everyone was staying where they were supposed to.  Once he got used to the new cut and fit, he was fine.

His favorite part was the band of the boxer briefs.  He was used to a simple layer of elastic around the boxer briefs.  While that is effective, it isn't the most comfortable all the time.  The band around the MaLo is just as soft as the rest of it, and it's thicker, too - which I'm hoping means that we don't have to do a replacement job as quickly.  Maybe this time, his underwear will last as long as mine!
3 pairs of conservative #MaLoUnderwear boxer briefs

So yeah, I might have thought it was a little odd that Mario Lopez would choose to put his name on underwear.  But you know?  I think he made a good choice.  I'll be hopping into Kmart the next time I need to replace more of my husband's boxer briefs because I think we have a new winner in the clubhouse thanks to #MaLoUnderwear!

Interested?  The MaLo Facebook page is currently running a contest for a chance to meet Mario Lopez himself and $75 in MaLo product.  Just take a photo of your man before and after MaLo and briefly describe your makeover.  Include your name and state, and the best makeover story and likes of it wins!  See the Facebook page for complete rules and information.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and MaLo, and all opinions remain my own.  #CBias #SocialFabric


  1. Great smile to go with the great undies.

  2. I hate to get down on him, but those oldies really are ugly. I bet his butt is lookin' fine in his new boxer briefs!


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